Skyview is a tempting new marketing and network communications concept, in which the customer can check out a service provider’s services via interactive aerial photos. Thanks to the web-based content management, text, pictures and videos can be added to Skyview presentations using the latest touch-screen devices.  

Skyview is the future of visualisation services. The architects’ plans are presented as part of a photo-realistic panorama entity, which perceptualises future views, compared to the current situation. Studying and presenting the plans on modern data terminals makes it easier to visualise projects and reach final decisions. Please visit our Visio Tampere service.

Skyview LIVE is a superior service for changing situations. Behind the service is the world’s most advanced web camera, combined with a versatile network interface. The equipment is programmed to photograph a panorama of the target at selected intervals, with the pictures updated and archived automatically on the server. The picture archive can be used to make time-lapse videos, and to study past events in an area even years later.


Visio Tampere

In our online service the different options for Rantaväylä in Tampere can be compared easily via a set of conceptual pictures. The user can move from one aerial picture to the next in the Rantaväylä area and switch between the different options. In each aerial picture the eventual outcome of the project can be studied with respect to the long tunnel, short tunnel, surface and boulevard options. The service was commissioned by the city of Tampere.


The service showcases Finland’s most significant UNESCO world heritage site. The panorama pictures show the defences and sights of the bastion fortress, constructed on a rocky island, and the area's restaurants and conference facilities. The service is being utilised actively when presenting and marketing the area, for instance on the website of Suomenlinna Fortress. The service was commissioned by The Governing Body of Suomenlinna.


Finland’s most popular winter holiday destination presents its services and activities via our Skyview service, where information on weather and piste opening times is relayed in real time. The service contains several aerial pictures, which enable to area to be studied when selecting a holiday destination. A pioneer in this type of marketing, Levi opened the first Skyview service in Finland. Levi also has a summer display. The service was commissioned by Levi Tourist Office.



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